Membership Catergories


Member (MIDSc)

Applicants who do not meet the criteria for Chartered Membership may be admitted to this category but do not have voting rights.

Member (Chartered) MIDSc (Chtd)

Those healthcare scientists who have achieved accredited technical and management qualifications to the UK’s required national degree standard or equivalent may be admitted as member (chartered). It is the individual responsibility of each member to ensure that they obtain the relevant continuous professional development training to meet the requirements of their professional register at all times. Failures to do so may result in lapse or withdrawal of IDSc membership.


Criteria Option 1 (Criteria Option 1 will not be available after December 2017) -

- Evidence of completion of Users course (CfPP 01-01) and/or CfPP 01-06
- Copy of NVQ level 4 or acceptable equivalent Management Certificate or Degree.
- Copy of NVQ Level 3 – Decontamination award (where available) Or IDSc Technical
- Copy of relevant certificates gained during professional role in (or related to) decontamination sciences.




Criteria Option 2

- Foundation degree Decontamination or equivalent e.g.

BSc Medical Device Decontamination
Masters Medical Device Decontamination
Degree Infection Control
Masters Infection Control
Degree or Masters of science (related to National Profiles for Healthcare Science as listed in Healthcare Scientist career framework supporting Agenda for change document).